Contenedores Soterrados

Underground waste containers are an excellent option for towns looking to minimise visual impact. They are also extremely hygienic, as waste is hidden and animals or people outside the cleaning and maintenance services are prevented from handling the containers.

Improved Mobility

Underground containers provide great benefits regarding mobility as they do not take up parking spaces, which at times are in high demand. Likewise, they cannot be moved, they do not represent any kind of hazard to pedestrians or moving or parked cars.

Civil Work

At Sanimobel we take care of the civil work associated with the installation of underground waste containers. We have extensive experience in this type of public/private bidding and, furthermore, we offer the guarantee of being a contractor company of the State, certified by the State Consultative Board on Administrative Procurement of the Ministry of Economy.

General Characteristics

  • The environment-friendly islands are simple, quick and safe systems to handle, both for citizens and when collected.
  • Reduced visual impact. Hygienic and safe in an urban environment.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
  • They stop bad smells and prevent people and animals from searching through materials.
  • Low maintenance and exclusive handling by qualified expert staff.


  • DIRECTIVA 2006/42
Underground Containers 1

Type: Underground Rear End Loader

Underground Containers 2

Type: Underground Vertical Loader

Underground Containers 3

Type: Underground Side Loader