Contenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral

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Contenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral


Compact and robust monocoque, integrally welded. Manufactured in 3 deep drawn stamped pieces, 1.5 mm thick galvanised steel and assembled by continuous robotic welding, gives it maximum strength and leak-tightness.

Corrosion resistant thanks to hot-dip galvanising, in accordance with standard ISO 1461, to prevent oxidation and prolong its useful life.

We apply the principles of sustainability and the circular economy, so we use 100% recycled steel.



We have a painting tunnel in our facilitiesin order to carry out all the processes:Pretreatment (mechanical cleaning,degreasing/phosphatising and washing),
priming, drying and painting.

Non-stick treatment that prevents the sticking of the waste inside of the container and this reduces the smells by up to 40%.

We use high quality polyester epoxy paint that is electrostatically applied at 220 ºC for 20 minutes over the entire container, including the inside. High-strength
against inclement weather conditions and corrosion.

Paint with UV protection. Prevents colour decrease due to bad weather conditions.

Contenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral

Numerous possibilities with a single aim: to offer a high degree of customisation through the RAL colour chart.

Contenedor Metálico de Carga LateralContenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral
Contenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral


Side loading metal container 7100% recyclable and mades from 100% recycled material. It is the most sustainable container on the Spanish market according to a study carried
out by the Research Group into Environmental Technologies and Industrial Resources (TARIndustrial) at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).

Smaller carbon footprint (expressed in kg CO2 eq/year) than its equivalent manufactured in plastic. Reduction between 15% and 48%.

The maximum load capacity of the container is 1,465 times greater than a plastic container. Therefore, a lower carbon footprint expressed by unit of mass of waste

Side loading metal container 8Innovative SME certification for R&D&I consolidated and intensive company.


Ultra-strong, made up of an oval tube that facilitates the opening of the lid.


A centering device at the base of the container, fixed on the ground with a guideway, used to prevent the container displacement It allows the position of the
containers in line forming an ecoisland, by individual alignment line installed on the pavement.


Standard UNE-EN 1461

Test carried out on the containers:
• Appearance, in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 1461. Section 6.1
• Thickness, in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 1461. Section 6.2
• Reconditioning, in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 1461. Section 6.3
• Adhesion, in accordance with standard UNE-EN ISO 1461. Section 6.4

Results of the set of tests

There was no evidence of visible defects, the average coating thickness obtained was 68um, without reconditioning, the adherence is correct, it complies with the category of corrosivity C3.

Contenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral
Contenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral

Standard UNE-EN 12574-1-2-3: 2007

Tests carried out on empty/loaded containers:
• Stability test.
• Verification of visual aspects, sizes and dimensions.
• Impact test by ball drop.
• Impact on inclined plane.
• Tensile test.
• Immobilisation test.
• Lifting/inclination of empty container and full container.
• Test with child mannequin.
• Verification of the safety and hygiene requirements.

Results of the set of tests

The tests carried out have been favourable and in accordance with the applicable regulations.acción.
• Ensayo de inmovilización.
• Elevación/inclinación contenedor vacío y contenedor lleno.
• Ensayo con maniquí de niño.
• Verificación de los requisitos de seguridad e higiene.


For the manufacturing of the range of side loader containers, we use high quality steel, a strong and durable material, which is the best solution against the combined action of UV rays, water and wind. All metal elements of the container are manufactured in galvanised steel.
We use recyclable materials and pigments that do not contain heavy materials, so we prevent environmental pollutions. Sealed tank for collecting leachate liquids

Contenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral



You can contact us by calling 918 74 11 30 or writing an email to and we will inform you of all the manufacturing and customization options for our containers.

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Contenedor Metálico de Carga Lateral
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