The collection of containers, thanks to the innovation and increased features of top-loading compactors, is more efficient and quicker than other traditional processes.

High speed in collection and compacting cycles.

Vertical Loader Collection System 1

Underground Vertical-Loading Container

  • Collection with boom: double hook or Kinshofer..

Contenedor de Carga Vertical NEO

Surface Vertical-Loading Container

Highly versatile containers for different types of waste.

Main Characteristics

  • Its internal structure makes it rigid and its hinged doors are supported thanks to the mechanisms of these doors which secure their opening and closing.
  • Manufactured entirely in galvanized sheets by means of continuous welding, with automatic robots, obtaining finishes with greater resistance and maximum precision.
  • COMPACT manufactured in 3 stamped parts, assembled by welding.
  • High-quality paint is applied, weather-resistant.
  • Personalisation by means of silk-screen printing, painting, stickers or laser.