The collection of solid waste by means of the automated side loader system entails a comprehensive solution for the collection of USW. Thanks to the innovation and increased features of side-loading compactors, it is more efficient and quicker than traditional rear loader processes.

This system is based on the process of collection by only one operator, who will be the driver of the vehicle, carrying out the work without having to get out of the lorry.

The display of all operations is put into effect by 5 monitoring cameras, located in strategic places of the vehicle. The control panel has two built-in monitors which allow to observe the centre of the equipment with the container, it being raised, and the development of the loading, emptying and releasing process of the container.

Sanimobel - Carga Lateral

Underground Side-Loading Container

  • Hydroelectric elevation by means of remote control, release by the side part.

 Side Loader Collection System 1

Surface Side-Loading Container

  • Highly versatile containers for different types of waste.

Advantages on the system

  • Comprehensive and efficient solution
  • Full display of the process by means of CCTV


  • EN 840
  • EN 12574