Limpieza y mantenimiento - Sanimobel

At Sanimobel we meet the maintenance needs stemming from the installation and use of both underground and surface urban waste containers. We can fully adapt these solutions to suit you, thanks to our experience and work in a wide variety of situations.

 Underground Containers

  • General service of the functioning of the equipment.
  • Cleaning and comprehensive maintenance of bins, upper platforms, of containers and of pits.
  • Repainting of deteriorated bins.
  • Greasing of moving parts.
  • Replacement of joints and/or air tightness systems with flaws.
  • Check that there are no hydraulic leakages and their functioning.
  • Faults in the hydraulic raising system of the platform.
  • Repairing of hydraulic leakages.
  • Cleaning of the peripheral area and of graffiti.
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 Surface Containers

  • Surface wash of the container with manual systems and high-pressure cleaning equipment.
  • Cleaning of graffiti.
  • Repainting of damaged parts.
  • Service of the gas piston, pedal and pedal spring.
  • Repairing of parts due to misuse or vandalism, with list of repaired parts.
  • Repairing of faults in the equipment due to misuse by the user or collection service.
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General Characteristics

  • Annual maintenance plan adapted to each client which includes all the elements of installation advised by various manufacturers.
  • Qualified staff with experience in the maintenance of all kinds of systems.
  • Fleet of vehicles fitted with all the tools required to settle any requirement.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Permanent availability of stock for replacement of parts available to the client.
  • Emergency assistance at the request of the client.
  • Monthly reports indicating incidents and actions taken.