Underground Containers

We are manufacturers of metal Street Furniture and a construction company, carrying out controls from the beginning of civil work to the end, assembly, placing of containers and commissioning.

We have a certificate from the Ministry of Economy and Finance as contractor company of work, classified with corresponding groups, subgroups and categories for this type of work.

Civil Work for Underground Containers 1

Material Resources

Wide range of technical equipment of its own and of collaborators made up of machines and tools for carrying out work, guaranteeing client satisfaction..

Civil Work for Underground Containers 2

Technical Team

Sanimobel has qualified engineers and technicians with extensive experience in carrying out excavation work of all kinds of containers, such as top load, rear end load and side load.

Civil Work for Underground Containers 3

Turnkey projects

Sanimobel offers comprehensive solutions, for the excavation of its containers, carrying out work from the beginning of the project until the final delivery to the client.

General Characteristics

  • Annual maintenance plan adapted to each client which includes all the elements of installation advised by various manufacturers.
  • Qualified staff with experience in the maintenance of all kinds of systems.
  • Fleet of vehicles fitted with all the tools required to settle any requirement.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Permanent availability of stock for replacement of parts available to the client.
  • Emergency assistance at the request of the client.
  • Monthly reports indicating incidents and actions taken.