Citizens’ waste is deposited in rear end loader collection containers which are found on the street, and which are perfectly identified and signposted, in order for citizens to easily be able to distinguish the container that corresponds to each piece of waste.

  • This system is based on carrying out containerization in order to not leave any bags or waste on the road. This type of container is standardised so that it can be collected by rear end loader lorries, in accordance with UNE-EN-840, avoiding the presence of rodents, insects and unhealthiness on the road.
  • Hook system compatible with containers of 800 L to 1,1300 L of capacity, in accordance with regulations DIN 30700 and EN 840.
  • Noiseless system.
  • The picker collection system is carried out with 3 operators who will be the driver of the vehicle and two assistants.
  • The release is carried out by a lifter or rear lift.
Underground Rear End-Loading Container

Underground Rear End-Loading Container

  • Reduced visual impact. Hygienic and safe in an urban environment.

Surface Rear End-Loading Container

Surface Rear End-Loading Container

  • Fireproof and 100% recyclable.


  • 2006/42/CE
  • REGULATION DIN 30700, EN 840