Surface Manual-Loading Containers MADRID Model

Surface Manual loading containers are another of the surface solutions in the Sanimobel catalogue. These are specific containers whose purpose is the collection of footwear, clothing and used oil. These containers have a series of characteristics that we detail below.

Características generales

  • Metal container with a large capacity, resistant.
  • Without planned obsolescence.
  • Its cosmopolitan and modern design means it can be totally integrated in any environment easily.
  • Metal, robust and compact containers .
  • Manual collection.
  • Standardised, ergonomic designs which are adapted to IoT technologies.

Clothing Madrid ModelApproved

Contenedores de superficie de carga manual

Characteristics MADRID

  • Useful capacity: 3000 litres.
  • Manufactured entirely in sheets of galvanized steel, with a minimum thickness of 1.5mm.
  • Input mouth of a suitable size and shape for this type of waste.
  • Input system designed in order to prevent people from becoming trapped, both when depositing waste and in the event of trying to take material out from inside the container.
  • Release is carried out manually through the release door, located in the front part of the container.
  • Blocking of the release door by means of lock.
  • The hinges of the lids are inside, which prevents them from being handled.
  • It has an anchoring system for it to be elevated with a boom truck and for transport with pallet jack.
  • It has legs to prevent the lower part from touching the ground and at the same time guarantee the stability of the container.


  • Regulation UNE-EN 13071-1-2:2008 CE
contenedores de superficie de carga manual