Surface Manual-Loading Containers 1

General Characteristics

  • Metal container with a large capacity, resistant. Without planned obsolescence. Its cosmopolitan and modern design means it can be totally integrated in any environment easily.
  • Metal, robust and compact containers .
  • Manual collection.
  • Standardised, ergonomic designs which are adapted to IoT technologies.

Models Available

Surface Manual-Loading Containers 2

NEO Used oil
Capacity: 2,5m3

Surface Manual-Loading Containers 3

NEO Clothes and footwear
Capacity: 2,5m3

Surface Manual-Loading Containers 4

MADRID Approved Clothes
Capacity: 3m3

Neo Characteristics

  • Its front door with large opening allows a fast and reliable release of material with lock preventing it from being opened easily and therefore avoiding theft.
  • Door to facilitate load and release.
  • Manufactured entirely in galvanized steel, by means of integral welding system.
  • Container with a rounded form, pyramidal-trunk.
  • Top-quality paint, weather-resistant.


  • REGULATION UNE-EN 13071-1-2:2008 CE.

MADRID Characteristics

  • Useful capacity: 3000 litres.
  • Manufactured entirely in sheets of galvanized steel, with a minimum thickness of 1.5mm.
  • Input mouth of a suitable size and shape for this type of waste.
  • Input system designed in order to prevent people from becoming trapped, both when depositing waste and in the event of trying to take material out from inside the container.
  • Release is carried out manually through the release door, located in the front part of the container.
  • Blocking of the release door by means of lock.
  • The hinges of the lids are inside, which prevents them from being handled.
  • It has an anchoring system for it to be elevated with a boom truck and for transport with pallet jack.
  • It has legs to prevent the lower part from touching the ground and at the same time guarantee the stability of the container.


  • REGULATION UNE-EN 13071-1-2:2008 CE