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Sanimobel is a Spanish company which has been located in the community of Madrid since 1979. Our main activity is Designing, Manufacturing and Marketing urban waste containers, as well as street furniture, and we also offer services of maintenance, cleaning and reconditioning of urban waste collection systems.

One thing that defines us is that we are manufacturers and we are able to adjust products to the needs of every client. Having control over the different stages of the process allows us to perfect innovation and quality.

For 30 years, at Sanimobel we have put an emphasis on quality while respecting the environment. Always guided by a vision and an investment in innovation, today we can say that we are a reference in the field of urban cleaning..

We have spacious facilities, as well as an enormous warehouse for stock material, and we are able to offer our clients an immediate service.

All our containers comply with the European regulations in accordance with the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, and we are certified by systems of quality, environment and safety.

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Laboratory I+D+i

In the R+D+i department (Research, technological Development and innovation) we are constantly working on improving the features of our manufactured products, by means of innovating and perfecting them, as well as the development and creation of new products.

We continuously incorporate the latest technology in our manufacturing processes, having a laboratory equipped with the most precise test apparatus, which guarantees the high quality that has backed this company since it started out.

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Automated manufacturing

With state-of-the-art machinery, we do not subcontract any of the production processes. All the welds are made with a continuous welding system using high-precision robots, obtaining finishes of greater resistance. Special paint for weather-resistant galvanizing incorporating anticorrosive treatment. Quality control supervised by specialized technical personnel.

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Stock and logistics

With the conforming product, it is delivered directly to the client through our logistics department or transferred to our storage area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters, keeping a significant number of containers in stock to serve in an immediate period. We have extensive facilities, as well as a huge warehouse for material in stock, and we can offer our customers an immediate service

 We contribute to the circular economy

The circular economy is very present in Sanimobel’s production processes, it proposes reusing, repairing or recycling, increasing sustainable manufacturing and consumption. In this way, in addition to reducing waste, energy is saved and it contributes to avoiding the irreversible damage caused in relation to the climate and biodiversity, and the pollution of the air, soil and water, due to the use of resources at a rate that exceeds the Earth’s capacity to renew them.
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