Underground Rear End-Loading Containers

Underground containers free up space and eliminate the visual impact of surface containers

The BL hydraulic platform for 2, 3 and 4 containers is a system that blends in with the urban area, reducing the visual impact that MSW containers can produce. The commonly used surface containers are housed inside.

Our underground containers provide a perfect adaptation to the environment. Avoiding annoying surface containers which in many places cause an unsightly image with respect to the environment.

With our containers, we avoid many of the odors that traditional containers cause. Fewer acts of vandalism are generated since the container is hidden and there is no access to the generated waste. This innovative container has a great durability guaranteed.

Underground Rear End-Loading Containers 1

 General Characteristics

  • The environment-friendly islands are simple, quick and safe systems to handle, both for citizens and when collected.
  • Reduced visual impact. Hygienic and safe in an urban environment.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
  • They stop bad smells and prevent people and animals from searching through materials.
  • Low maintenance and exclusive handling by collection service staff.


  • Sanimobel stands out for its elegant and attractive designs, with a large capacity which allow for easy opening. Their perfectly ergonomic height allows the user to deposit waste effortlessly and with great ease.
  • High-quality bins which are solid, robust and resistant to acts of vandalism, which prevent the possibility of theft by means of their drum, which makes the bottom remain closed when it is open and waste fall when it is closed.
  • Gravitational vacuum.
  • 3 millimetres of thickness.

Technical Characteristics

  • Two systems of raising:
    1.  Hydraulic, operation by means of quick connector which is installed in the platform.
    2.  Hydroelectric, by means of remote control and hydraulic centre in connected pit.
  • Resistant with an extremely solid structure. Islands of 2 or 4 containers.
  • Interior structure totally hot-dip galvanized in accordance with ISO-1461 resistant to corrosion.
  • Finish to be completed in civil work or checker hot-dipped anti-slip galvanized sheet.
  • Series suction pipe for the extraction of rainwater.


  • DIRECTIVe 2006/42

Buzón soterrado JAC I


Bin MODEL JAC-I in hot-dip galvanized steel in accordance with regulation UNE-EN-ISO 1461.

Buzón soterrado JAC II


Bin MODEL JAC-II in galvanized sheet opening by means of pedal.

contenedores de superficie de carga trasera

Surface Containers

Highly versatile containers for different types of waste..

Collection by means of side pins.

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