In a world increasingly aware of recycling and sustainability, Sanimobel stands out as a leader in manufacturing waste containers that promote and facilitate urban recycling. Founded with the aim of providing efficient urban waste management solutions, Sanimobel has developed a range of products that meet the highest standards of quality and durability, while also encouraging a recycling culture among citizens.

Special Tecma 2024: Sanimobel - Innovation in Waste Containers for Efficient Recycling in Cities 2

Design and Functionality

One of the most notable aspects of Sanimobel’s containers is their innovative and functional design. Made from recyclable and high-strength materials, they ensure a long service life and reduced environmental impact. Their ergonomic design makes them user-friendly for both citizens and collection operators, reducing physical effort and improving waste collection efficiency.

Waste Classification

Sanimobel offers a wide variety of containers for different types of waste: organic, plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, and general waste. Each container is clearly identified with colors and signs to help users correctly separate waste. This source segregation is essential for improving recycling rates and reducing contamination of recyclable materials.

Technological Innovation

The incorporation of technology in Sanimobel containers has marked a significant advancement in urban waste management. Many of their models are equipped with sensors that monitor fill levels in real time. This information is transmitted to a control center that optimizes collection routes, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. These sensors also help prevent overflows and improve the cleanliness of collection areas.

Education and Awareness

Sanimobel not only focuses on manufacturing containers but also actively participates in education and awareness campaigns about the importance of recycling. They collaborate with municipalities and organizations to conduct educational programs in schools and communities, explaining the positive impact of recycling on the environment and how individuals can contribute by properly using the containers.

Tangible Results

Special Tecma 2024: Sanimobel - Innovation in Waste Containers for Efficient Recycling in Cities 3

The impact of Sanimobel containers on urban recycling is evident. Cities that have implemented their solutions have seen significant increases in recycling rates and a reduction in waste sent to landfills. Collection efficiency has also improved, translating into lower operational costs and a reduced environmental impact.


Sanimobel has established itself as a key player in promoting urban recycling through its innovative waste containers. Their focus on design, functionality, technology, and education has created an efficient system that not only facilitates recycling but also fosters a culture of sustainability among citizens. With continuous innovation and commitment to the environment, Sanimobel is helping build cleaner and more sustainable cities for future generations.