NEO Vertical-Loading Containers 1

Technical Characteristics

The NEO-type bilateral container with a rounded form, has a PYRAMIDAL-TRUNK shape in order to facilitate the evacuation of waste.

Manufactured entirely with galvanized steel, by means of integral welding, providing the container with a monocoque, along with a compact and robust finish. Its cosmopolitan and modern design means it can be totally integrated in any environment easily.

  • The input mouths, designed according to the waste, are manufactured in a mould of molten aluminium.
  • Opening pedal as an additional element.
  • Various capacities: 2m³, 3m³ and 4m³.
  • Raising system and doors are completely metallic, guaranteeing resistance and durability in everyday use and in the face of harsh weather.
  • Collection with boom: “KINSHOFER-MUSHROOM” or “DOUBLE HOOK” compatible with vertical-loading single-operator systems.
  • Internal rotational hinges for large loads.
  • Lower doors for collection of leachate. Hinged with 90° opening.
  • High-quality paint, weather-resistant.
  • Adapted to IoT technologies.
  • Stackable.


  • REGULATION UNE-EN 13071-1-2-3
NEO Vertical-Loading Containers 2

Paper and cardboard
Capacity: 4m3

NEO Vertical-Loading Containers 3

Containers and bricks
Capacity: 3m3

NEO Vertical-Loading Containers 4

Organic waste
Capacity: 3m3

NEO Vertical-Loading Containers 5

Capacity: 2m3