Local Recycling Point 1

The Local Recycling Point (LRP) is a piece of street furniture for the recycling of waste. This means that citizens no longer have to travel to points in the suburbs to be able to recycle certain elements.

Technical Characteristics

  • For each type of waste, the piece of furniture has one bin or input opening suitable for its size and the characteristics of its deposit.
  • It has openings both in the front face and in both its side faces.
  • The piece of furniture is made up of two main parts: the outer casing and the containers inside.
  • The outer casing is formed by the following elements: box, doors, input openings, lids, inner structure and separators.
  • All components are manufactured in AISI 316 stainless steel except for the input openings which are made of cast aluminium.
  • The input openings are manufactured with cast aluminium, carried out in sand moulds and are 12mm thick.
  • The containers inside are of standard plastic of 80 litres, equipped with wheels, lid and handle. The waste collection drawers are of standard plastic according to the spaces inside the LRP. For the collection of lightbulbs, an input bag made up of a polypropylene mesh is used.
  • Local Recycling Point 2
  • Local Recycling Point 3


  • Clothes and shoes
  • Small electrical household appliances
  • Toner
  • Oil
  • CDs
  • Batteries
  • Low-consumption lamps
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • X-rays
  • Aerosols
  • Coffee capsules
  • Video tapes


  • Law 11/1997 on Packaging and Packaging Waste
  • Law 22/2011 on Waste and Contaminated Soils
  • Royal Decree 782/1998 approved by the Law 11/1997
  • Royal Decree 110/2015 Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment
  • Law 5/2003 on Waste of the Community of Madrid
  • Ordinance of cleaning of public spaces and waste management